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Karin Kastern ORIGINAL

Meet Karin Kastern,
(Manager THE STORE)

Loves customer interaction and selling!

She enjoys saving the planet by; promoting the Zero Waster concept of “encouraging customers to bring their own containers and plastic/material bags for their fresh fish and takeaway products”


Material bags are sold made by ladies from an Upliftment Program in The Crags, a rural area near Plettenberg Bay. This program is headed up by Carole Levin, who makes sure the ladies have materials. Carole also does the Marketing and Sales of this great product. In this way, THE Store now no longer sells Plastic single use bags and encourages the sale of these cloth bags.


Other than her Zero Waste concept in THE STORE, Karin also makes ECO BRICKS from 2L Coke bottles. The concept is that all materials and items not recyclable are cut up and stuffed as tightly as possible into the used plastic bottles. A wooden spoon handle or a metal rod which fits the mouth of the bottle are used. The material is stuffed tightly, so that once full, the bottle will not buckle and bend if used as a BRICK in building.


Come in and see for yourself. | 044 501 2620 | 044 533 0597

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