Robberg Fine Food Burgers




6 Robberg hamburger balls

6 hamburger buns

Bag of rocket

butter / olive oil

For the Pepper Sauce:

50g butter

1/2 red onion , finely chopped

25g flour

25ml cognac

250ml Beef Stock 1/2 Tablet

2tl black peper

125ml cream

Add some Caramalized Onions:

1 Onion chopped

balsamic reduction


olive oil




Fry your hamburger patties until cooked to taste.

Remove the patties from the pan and make your caramelized onions in the same pan by adding olive oil on medium heat. Add the chopped red onions fry the onions until it becomes translucent, add the balsamic reduction to taste with a half a table spoon of sugar and fry for another 2-5 min until sticky. Remove from heat.


In a small pot on medium heat start your pepper sauce, add the butter & onions and fry for 5min. Remove from heat, add the flour to the butter and whisk the butter and flour until smooth and light brown. Place back on heat. Add the cognac and beef stock and whisk while bringing it to a boil.  Add the pepper corns, salt and pepper. Lastly add the cream to your sauce and serve.


Cut the buns in half and lightly fry them in a pan with some olive oil until the insides are nice and crispy.





Build your burger. Add some rocket your Robberg Beef patty and your pepper sauce, for a little extra add your caramelized onions and enjoy!



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